WIWU-TV’s Mobile Production Truck

WIWU-TV is now takin’ it to the streets in a fully equipped mobile video production truck. Look for the Wildcat and WIWU-TV logos throughout the area to find out where local television is captured. The interior feature a complete control room connecting digital widescreen cameras to graphics, audio and first rate live productions.

You’ll soon see the WIWU-TV truck across the IWU campus for more live sporting events, and also throughout Grant County at high school football, community concerts and other special events. TV professionals and IWU communication students work side by side to bring the most coverage of local events to your local station.

The mobile truck is now a visual symbol of WIWU-TV’s commitment to this community and the people and places that make Grant County, Indiana great.

Check out our most recent programming addition made possible by our mobile truck. High School Football Game of the Week

WIWU’s mobile production truck was custom built with Grant County in mind, specifically built for WIWU by Shook Mobile in Schertz Texas and fully engineered by WIWU-TV staff. Equipped with 100 gallons of diesel fuel and a quiet diesel generator, our truck can run live productions all day without even needing power.